Week 15: EC Feedback

My three favorite art activities were plaster casting, finger drawing, and finger painting.  I liked these because we were able to do them together with the rest of the class or on our own.  Being able to draw or paint whatever we want is fun.  Making a hand out of my own hand was the most exciting for me because I was able to create a replica of my hand, and I was also able to do it the beach.

My three least favorite are activities were, landscape, Vlog, and graffiti.  I disliked landscape because we had to picture how we dies and I found that one a little creepy.  Thed Vlog was the worse because we had to talk to a camera which in my opinion is really dumb, I would not do this one agasin for fun because I did not like it at all.  I disliked the graffiti writing because I was not able to make a nice writing on the plywood.

My favorite thing about this semester was going to the art galleries and writing about it.  This helped us leanr to appreciate art and find a real meaning behind an art project.  I was able to find more meaning in art projects and when the artist told us the reasons for their project it would all click together.  I would recommend more art galleries because they are fun and I actually learn something.

I also enjoyed the art talk discussion because the videos we saw gave us a lot of information on a topic, and when they did not we would go find more information on that specific topic.  It was a good way to learn from each other by posting a discussion of the video and commenting on someone’s post because we were able to look at other people’s opinion.


Week 15: Artist Conversation: Amy Duran & Luis Casas

Artist: Amy & Luis

Gallery: Gatov East/ Gatov West

Exhibition: Beeware Ceramics

Media: Ceramics

This week I was able to look at some art that was for sale.  There was many more art projects than usual and many creative projects.  I was able to view the “Beeware” projects and saw how this inspired the artist to enjoy daily tools used at home.

When I first walked into this exhibition I noticed all the art projects that were all around.  All these projects were for sale and could tell a lot of time was put into them.  The Beeware projects consisted of many little pots for the home.

Watching these art projects for sale made me want to get many because of the creativity in them.  Although these were good projects there were many more out there but some of them were worth a lot more.  These kinds of projects are worth paying for and being able to go see all the art projects from different artist is a privilege.  I enjoyed watchin g the art projects of different artist.  20161207_125557

Week 14: Classmate Conversation: Chris Yuen

In this weeks classmate conversation I met Chris Yuen he is a second year at Long beach State University.  He is a fashion design major and decided he wanted to do this since he was in high school.  He enjoys making his own clothes and making his own designs on it.   He also enjoys break dancing and is in the break dancing club at Long Beach State and he mentioned that it takes a lot of practice and core strength.  He also enjoys drawing on his spare time.  When we were interviewing each other we had to gather into out final groups and talk about the final that we forgot how to take our picture together.

Week 14:Art Experience: Instagram


This art activity is one of my favorites because we were able to post pictures about any random thing I wanted to show on the Instagram page art110f16.  In this activity I was able to enjoy my couple of days before finals begin.  In many pictures that I saw people were posting pictures of them doing their homework and reminded me to do my homework.  I also seen pictures of people posting books and library and I can really relate to this because that was something I should have been doing since a few weeks ago.  Even though I did not post pictures of me having to do my homework I had fun doing this activity.

Week 12: Artist Conversation: Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: Bio

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Sage Garver is an undergrad senior at Long Beach State University, she transferred from El Camino in Torrance.  She is in the BFA program and has never changed her major, she knew since she started attending college that she was an art major.  For fun she likes to go hiking and swimming but because of senior year she has had no fun for a while.  After graduating she wants to move to Hawaii with her sister and does not want to go to grad school.

This exhibition was polyurethane foam on three walls, every walls was different kinds of shapes and looked like cells.

When I walked into the exhibition I did not realize it was about the inside of a cell, it was until I read her written statement.  I did not understand it until what it was or why she made those shapes on the wall, but I understood after she said it was a way for her to express herself after she lost control of herself.

I really like this exhibition it was different from most others and simple.  Every foam on the wall had its own shape and you could tell theres was a lot of time spent making this.  Every shape looked unique, probably my most favorite.  This exhibition was amazing.

Week 11: Artist Conversation: Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Exhibition: Janus Maxim

Media: Wood

Website: kylekruseart.com

Instagram: kyle.kruse

Kyle Kruse is on his sixth year at Long Beach State University, he is a senior in the BFA in print making.  He likes to go rock climbing and enjoys exercising.  When  he was asked about his favorite food he did not know what his favorite food was but he mentioned what he had for dinner the night before.

In this art gallery Kyle made what looked like human head with a mask of an eagle.  He had three sculptures.  The second sculpture had a mask of a sheep, and the third had a mask of a skeleton.  On the other side of the gallery had three different videos.  The floor had pieces of wood, mud, and a few areas with water.

This weeks art shows were the hardest ones to speak of yet.  Out of all the shows this one seemed to be a little better but none really captured my attention.  The art work used in this show was one of a kind and I did not know that something like this could be considered art.  It was hard to understand the art of this week.