Week 15: EC Feedback

My three favorite art activities were plaster casting, finger drawing, and finger painting.  I liked these because we were able to do them together with the rest of the class or on our own.  Being able to draw or paint whatever we want is fun.  Making a hand out of my own hand was the most exciting for me because I was able to create a replica of my hand, and I was also able to do it the beach.

My three least favorite are activities were, landscape, Vlog, and graffiti.  I disliked landscape because we had to picture how we dies and I found that one a little creepy.  Thed Vlog was the worse because we had to talk to a camera which in my opinion is really dumb, I would not do this one agasin for fun because I did not like it at all.  I disliked the graffiti writing because I was not able to make a nice writing on the plywood.

My favorite thing about this semester was going to the art galleries and writing about it.  This helped us leanr to appreciate art and find a real meaning behind an art project.  I was able to find more meaning in art projects and when the artist told us the reasons for their project it would all click together.  I would recommend more art galleries because they are fun and I actually learn something.

I also enjoyed the art talk discussion because the videos we saw gave us a lot of information on a topic, and when they did not we would go find more information on that specific topic.  It was a good way to learn from each other by posting a discussion of the video and commenting on someone’s post because we were able to look at other people’s opinion.


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