Week 15: Artist Conversation: Amy Duran & Luis Casas

Artist: Amy & Luis

Gallery: Gatov East/ Gatov West

Exhibition: Beeware Ceramics

Media: Ceramics

This week I was able to look at some art that was for sale.  There was many more art projects than usual and many creative projects.  I was able to view the “Beeware” projects and saw how this inspired the artist to enjoy daily tools used at home.

When I first walked into this exhibition I noticed all the art projects that were all around.  All these projects were for sale and could tell a lot of time was put into them.  The Beeware projects consisted of many little pots for the home.

Watching these art projects for sale made me want to get many because of the creativity in them.  Although these were good projects there were many more out there but some of them were worth a lot more.  These kinds of projects are worth paying for and being able to go see all the art projects from different artist is a privilege.  I enjoyed watchin g the art projects of different artist.  20161207_125557


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