Week 12: Artist Conversation: Sage Garver

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: Bio

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Sage Garver is an undergrad senior at Long Beach State University, she transferred from El Camino in Torrance.  She is in the BFA program and has never changed her major, she knew since she started attending college that she was an art major.  For fun she likes to go hiking and swimming but because of senior year she has had no fun for a while.  After graduating she wants to move to Hawaii with her sister and does not want to go to grad school.

This exhibition was polyurethane foam on three walls, every walls was different kinds of shapes and looked like cells.

When I walked into the exhibition I did not realize it was about the inside of a cell, it was until I read her written statement.  I did not understand it until what it was or why she made those shapes on the wall, but I understood after she said it was a way for her to express herself after she lost control of herself.

I really like this exhibition it was different from most others and simple.  Every foam on the wall had its own shape and you could tell theres was a lot of time spent making this.  Every shape looked unique, probably my most favorite.  This exhibition was amazing.


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