Week 10: Artist Conversation: Tony Nguyen

Artist: Tony Nguyen

Exhibition: Neoteny

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Media: Metal

Facebook: facebook.com/RoboticTony

Website: eltigersite.wordpress.com

Instagram: elll_tiger

Tony is an undergraduate student at Long Beach State University and he is a senior.  He is working on his BFA in metal.  He is also a metal smith, and has been doing it for a while.  Thus, all hid art work is made of metal.

Tony’s art work is all made of metal.   His most outstanding work is the necklace with the bridges.  In the his work he made every bridge represent a member of his family including his parents.  Th e bridges of his parents is the bigger one and branches out to smaller bridges being him and his four brothers.  Every bridge has the name of each family member under it and they also have a toe print on them.

Only one pieve of art work has no true meaning behind it, which was the snakes those were m ade “just to be made” but all the other ones have a story behind it.  But Tony says that his art work is open for the viewer to create a story for it rather than its real reason.  He does not want to follow the typical art meaning were an art work has a meaning that everyone has to know to understand it, he wants his art work to be different from others.

This art exhibition was very interesting because of the way the metal was used to make art.  My favorite piece of art work was the necklace because of the meaning behind it and how well thought out it was.  Although these art work are made for the view to interpret it how ever they want which makes his art work unique and different from most other artist.



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