Week 9: Artist Conversation: Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla Vera

Artist: Dalia Banuelos and Daniel Bonilla Vera

Exhibition: Infraction

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Media: Photography

Instagram: @dbvqp and @deliae

website: dbvphotography.com

Daniel Bonilla Vera is a senior at Long Beach State University, he applied for the BFA in photograghy and was rejected.  Dalia Banuelos is also a senior at Long Beach State University and was also rejected for the BFA program but she gotten rejected twice already.

This art show has pictures of both artist Daniel’s were on the right side while Dalia’s was on the left side.  Daniels art has color while Dalia’s is all in black and white.  The difference in her photographs from Daniel’s is that she only has pictures of what looks like tree branches.  In the middle of the show they have photographs tied with rope, in there it is a combination of both artist work.

The art in this exhibition was different from other kinds of art.  This was all only photographs tied together with rope.  All the pictures in this show were pictures that have gotten rejected either applying for the BFA program or in other art shows.  Its a piece of rejected work that was finally able to be seen by people.  This work is unique because its a negative thing in their life become a positive thing.

This work was different because usually people that have gotten rejected because of soime work lwould usually throw it away but these artist have done differently and kept it to show what caused them not to get into the BFA program.  They do show a trash can with papers inside it in the corner and they also show themselves in the middle of there show.  It shows how they felt after being denied from the BFA program and have released some of the stress felt there.

Daniel’s art.


Dalia’s art.




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