Week 8: Classmate Conversation: Cindy Le


In this week’s classmate conversation I met Cindy Le.   Cindy is a second year at Long Beach State University, she is a Bio major.  She commutes to the school which she does not like because she has to wake up earlier just to make sure in on campus on time for her first class.  She also does not like when she has to come in after 10 am because around that time it is harder to find parking.  Fun activities that she likes to do is draw animals, play video games but due to the enormous amount of time she has to spend doing homework and studing she no longer has the free time to play.  Cindy considers anything that she really likes to be art because if you like something you will show.  She does not approve of art as a major because of her family’s views but she will approve it as a minor.  In our phones we had general applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, and a few games.


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