Week 8: Art Activity: Sketching at CSULB Japanese Garden

In this art activity we were suppose to take 6 different pictures and out of those draw 3 abstract drawings , and 3 representational.  For my 3 abstract drawings I drew number 1, 2, and 3.  Number 1 is the floating pond leaves on the water  number 2 is the duck drawn from it’s back, and  number 3 is the 50 cent fish food tank.  My 3 representational drawings are 4, 5, and 6.  Number 4 is a drawing of a tree,  number 5 a drawing of rocks with the fish and ducks, and number 6 is three rocks with the waves on the water.  I can finally say this was by far the best art activity because we were able to go to the Japanese Garden.  Although  do not have talents in drawing or painting I still enjoyed making my drawings and not embarrassed of showing my drawings.  I enjoyed going to the Japanese Garden and meeting a new person.


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