Week 7: Artist Conversation, Nathaniel Paderanga

Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga

Media: Painting

Exhibition: Social

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Instagram: Thearrtofnate

Nathaniel Paderango studies at Long Beach State University and is in the painting major.  He is a senior now, this show was his first one up and took him a few nights to get it together.  Before he came to Long Beach State he was at San Diego Miramar College and was in a completely different major.  He began making drawings at age 18 and he changed his major when he transferred to Long Beach.  His drawings relate to him because they are issues or gatherings that have happened to him.

In his paintings  he shows details of how different things are and most have been issues in his life.  Many of his drawings are memorable memories such as his past away mother or his favorite house when he was young.

Nathaniel drawings are creative and amazing.  He has a picture of a bar when he went out to “turn up,” on of his grandparent, an old fisher man where he went fishing, his mother that past away, his mothers funeral, and his favorite the house where he grew up in.


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