week 6: Artist Conversation

Artist: Blaine Prow

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Exhibition: Extrusions

Media: Paper

Instagram: tiffuts

Blaine was not always into art he tried many different subjects in school until he figured out he enjoyed making shapes from paper.  He is obsessed with geometry and triangles and enjoys making shapes from triangles.  He discovered his passion for this kind of art through the hard work of construction, he worked in construction for many years and continues to do so on his free time.

His work is made out of construction paper and cut into straight shape figures such as triangles, and squares.  All his cuts are only straight cut shapes none of which have any circular cuts.  Although his art has no circular cut it is something he will differently think about doing next.

In Blaine’s art work he only makes triangle, square, and rectangular shape cuts that make a figure that looks 3 dimensional.  This kind of art is different from other arts but behind it lies a story to tell.

Hes art work is different from many others, this is why it caught my attention.  Although this kind of artwork might seem like something a little kid will do for a school activity it looks very thoughtfully made.  It is interesting to me how he came up to do this and why he considers this to be an art to show on dis[play.  Over all I really enjoyed watching his shapes and loooking foward to seeing more art work from Blaine Prow.


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