Week 3 Artist Conversation: Adam Powers

Artist: Adam Powers

Exhibition: Cart

Media: Photography

Gallery: Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

     Adam Powers is an undergraduate student at the University of Central Florida. Unfortunately he was not present at Long Beach State university to present his art in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery.  Students from Long Beach State and students from Central Florida exchange art pictures in order to allow other people from a different state to view their art work.  In place of the artist, the art coordinator was there to answer questions to the best of her knowledge.

       Nicole, the gallery coordinator stated that the only thing she knew about Power’s three pictures was the paragraph he send explaining his art.  Nicole stated that many artist do not use a website to spread their art, many in nowadays will use social media suck as Instagram because its a better way of spreading their art.  This strategy is actually used by Nicole, Instagram name is: nsleepless.

     The three carts in the pictures show how people are always leaving shopping carts anywhere.  Power’s mentions how shopping carts are suppose to stop after reaching a certain distance from a store but these carts manage to make it past the stores distance.  The pictures show how people will go through their entire day without noticing the carts being out in the streets, with the day light difference in every picture.  Powers makes his audience think about shopping carts and through his art he manages to make the people aware of abandon shopping carts.


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